College Rankings…ugh!

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College Rankings…ugh!

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Hiram Chodosh, the president of Claremont McKenna College, stated it well when asked about rankings. “It’s like what Einstein said about measurements. You measure what you can count easily, and then often fail to measure what really counts.” Like it or not college rankings (U.S. News Report) are utilized in many a student’s college search, with too much priority placed upon them. Recognizing that they are a part, hopefully a small one, of some searches I am sharing the rankings put out by Money magazine. What I like about Money magazine’s approach to the rankings is the value that they place upon 4-year graduation rates (they screened out colleges with graduation rates below the median), an often overlooked feature when searching for schools. The driver for Money’srankings is tuition, amount of aid available to students and how many years they were taking to graduate. What we should be evaluating, when evaluating cost, is not the cost of the first year, but the cost of a degree. One note: many public universities show up on this list. It appears that they are basing their calculations on in-state tuition rates. Nevada residents need to evaluate out-of-state tuition rates, which tend to be the cost of a private school.


Come to the CCC for a copy of the rankings.

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