Career Resources

The mission of The Cube (College/Career Center) is to guide and provide resources to students related to their life after high school. The more that a student knows about themselves and what is out there then the easier it is to choose a career, a college, etc.

The best way for us to help is to get to know the student. That requires them coming in, introducing themselves and/or setting up an appointment. Additionally, the RHS student will be visiting The Cube at least once a year to begin assessments through “Dream IT Do It”. “Dream IT Do IT” can be accessed at RHS students are encouraged to set up an account utilizing their student ID as their username and their graduating class year as their password (ex: if student is graduating in 2019 then “Classof2019” is their password). We do this so they can set up a portfolio/account and explore options each year, building upon what they have done the year prior.

“Dream It Do It” is a new assessment tool (similar to NCIS). Here is a general outline of how we utilize this site:

Freshman year: Interest Profiler (introduces the student to a variety of careers that align with their interests, allowing them to research more about specific careers including wages and necessary education), setting up an account.

Sophomore year: Budget Your Life: student will get a sense of what it will cost them to live the lifestyle that they identify vs. the salaries of careers that they identify in the Interest Profiler. They have the option to continue with other assessments and research the cost of college.

Junior year: students participate in the Junior Interview Project, a collaboration between students, RHS teachers, and community volunteers. The students develop a resume in The Cube, and then participate in a 20-minute mock-interview. For more information click here . 2017 Junior Interview Project is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th. We will be hosting our second annual Career Fair in conjunction with Junior Interview this year, allowing students to learn more about volunteer and career options. Click here for a downloadable Resume Template

Senior year: continue to utilize Dream IT Do It to do further assessments, research colleges/trade schools that support their career interest, research jobs and develop a plan for after they graduate!