Scholarships & Financial Aid

                                                                                        Scholarship Tips…searching for scholarships/financial aid

Are you a SENIOR? Did you receive a merit or talent based scholarship? Do you want to attend the Scholarship Convocation on May 24th? Be listed in the GRADUATION PROGRAM? THEN YOU MUST RETURN A BLUE SCHOLARSHIP NOTIFICATION FORM BY APRIL 24TH TO MRS. LERUDE IN THE CUBE!

Featured Scholarships/Grants:

    • The Federal Government is the largest source of funding (grants and low interest loans) for college
    • Apply here (must create a FSA ID first)
    • FYI: The IRS Data Retrieval tool has been disabled. Contact the college/university for instructions as to how to complete the process if you have questions.
  • Millenium Scholarship
    • You do NOT need to apply. The NV Department of Education will notify you of your scholarship early August. Make sure and accept it if you are attending an NV institution.
    • Visit http://www.nvggms.govfor more information

SCHOLARSHIP DATABASE/click here-Scholarship-database-May

  • Quick reference guide to more local scholarships with hyperlinks to application

Online search sites for scholarships:

The topic of scholarships and financial aid can be overwhelming.  The Scholarship Tips page, below, gives you the basics.  The better acquainted that the student is with the resources of the The Cube then the better we can direct students to scholarship and financial aid resources specific to the individual student’s needs.  If you have questions or would like more information then please make an appointment with Mrs. Lerude.  To schedule an appointment email her at or have the RHS student stop by The Cube to set up an appointment. 

Additionally, we have the following resources:

  • RHS Senior Bulletin: features scholarships that RHS students have had success with in the past. The Bulletins are updated monthly and are available in The Cube and in the student’s American Government class.
  • Scholarship Matching Sheet: Students can come to The Cube and fill out a scholarship matching sheet. While by no means a guarantee that we can match the student with scholarships it is a good starting point and a way for Mrs. Lerude to learn more about the student
  • Scholarship Database/Spreadsheet: We update a spreadsheet with scholarships that RHS students have had success with in the past. It is a quick reference guide that can be accessed, above. The majority of scholarships open late fall and into the spring.