Visit RHS

Thank you for your interest in visiting Reno High and the students that attend here.  In an effort to maximize both your time and our students’ time, we are asking that you fill out this form to schedule a visit. Here is our bell schedule, seniors are more available at lunch and after lunch. 

Visitors are asked to enter through the main entrance at 395 Booth Street and check into the office. The office is located to the right of the dome. They will direct you to The Cube (College/Career Center) around the corner from the office. Parking is sometimes available in the circular driveway or always in one of the adjacent parking lots.

Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri Bell Schedule:               Wednesday Schedule:

1st Period: 7:40-8:30                                          1st Period: 7:40-8:23

2nd Period: 8:35-9:25                                         2nd Period: 8:28-9:11

3rd Period: 9:30-10:20                                       3rd Period: 9:16-9:59

4th Period: 10:25-11:15                                       4th Period: 10:04-10:47

Lunch: 11:15-11:45                                               5th Period: 10:52-11:35

5th Period: 11:50-12:40                                      Lunch: 11:35-12:09

6th Period: 12:45-1:35                                        6th Period: 12:14-12:57

7th Period: 1:40-2:30                                         7th Period: 1:02-1:45


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